RPG Coyote Pistons for PTWA Blocks Only

We are pleased to release an exclusive line of dedicated pistons by JE Pistons for RPG designed Soley for the PTWA blocks for use in Gen 3 and newer 5.0L Coyotes and the GT350/GT500 blocks. The majority of off the shelf 2618 Forged pistons are not compatible with these blocks using PTWA technology for many reasons. Using a proprietary alloy forging along a complete piston coating makes these pistons the most advanced pistons available for your Coyote.

These pistons are made entirely of a clean sheet design with no detail being ignored and are available in the standard Gen 3/4 5.0L and 5.2L bore sizes with multiple compression ratio options.

– 1500hp rated designed to match the most extreme limits of PTWA blocks.
– Low friction design with complete piston coating.
– Pro Seal Ring Set Included. Gas Nitride Steel 1.0mm Top, 1.2mm Napier Second and 2.8mm Oil Rings
– HD Wrist Pins .866″ X 2.250″ X .180″

******** PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended to verify your engine bore size and verify there is not excessive cylinder taper, which has been a known issue with the Ford Performance Gen 3 5.0L and 5.2L engine blocks. Excessive Cylinder taper will cause engine damage. *********


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