RPG Racing Engines, located in Fresno, California, specializes in high performance/competition Ford Modular, Coyote and Voodoo-based platforms. Started in 2004 to help friends and the local racing community build and perfect their vehicles, RPG Racing now build’s 2000+ HP Capable Coyote’s and is one of the leading Ford engine builders in the industry.

We remain humble and are always evolving and expanding our knowledge of the industry and our craft. Driven by our passion for precision and excellence in what we do, we remain dedicated to helping our clients achieve the perfect balance of power and reliability in their vehicles. Our components are of the highest quality, tested extensively and rigorously until we are confident they meet our standards.

Since 2004

Our staff members are fully ASE-certified, fully trained in Ford’s technician program, and certified engine machinists. By combining our forty years of experience with our extensive knowledge of various necessary machining services, we build the most advanced, robust and reliable engines available. Using Rottler 3-Axis engine block machining, our Sunnenhoning machine, and our Rottler 5 Axis for CNC Cylinder head porting, we optimize your vehicles for power and reliability.
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